“Runity” 4-Week Program

Starting Tuesday, June 6 from 5-6 PM

The Class will cover:

• Pre-Run techniques to improve running efficiency

• Ideal running postures and biomechanics

• Post-run strategies for maximum muscle recovery

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Runity Treadmill Kinematic Analysis and Movement Screen

Saturday, June 10 from 8 am – 2:30 pm

Half-hour treadmill evaluations Amie Hesbach, DPT will video, assess, and analyze your movement and gait while running. Receive exercises and drills specific to you to improve your running biomechanics. Expect to improve your form, decrease injuries, enhance pace and cadence, and improve proper foot striking when integrating this program into your training routine.

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Sign up today by emailing: bodylinespilates@yahoo.com or calling: 978-772-2394