At Bodylines Pilates we believe in giving back to our community. One of our biggest passions is our Pilates for Pink event held annually to help support local cancer care centers.  This year will  be our 12th year.  Monday October 29th 6-8pm at Gibbet Hill in Groton,MA.

We believe in whole body health not just fitness. Providing our clients with information they need to help their own core transformation is important to us.  That’s why we hold special workshops throughout the year to help foster the pilates principals we teach as well as a wide variety of nutrition seminars and workshops.

Pelvic Floor Workshop
2 Day-2 Hr. Workshop
Monday September 10th & 24th  5:30-7:30pm
960 South Street Fitchburg, MA

“Imagine the dilemma. A race to run. A triathlon to finish. A hike to hike. Up the mountain, and down. Do I hydrate appropriately? And worry about…. Having to sneeze? Cough? Just run my best?
After some belly laughs and real focus with Kelly O’Connor about how my “weakish” pelvic floor was getting in the way of what I love to do every day, I signed up for the pelvic floor workshop at Bodylines Pilates.

I was taught how to effectively build strength under and in my pelvic floor muscles and was shown exercise I can use daily to maintain these.

So long as I remember to use the tools and the exercises I learned at Bodylines pelvic floor workshop, I won’t need to choose between hydrating well and running hard.”

-Kim A.


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