5 Secret Benefits of Pilates 

  • Stimulation of the Lymphatic System
    Did you know that unlike the circulation system the lymphatic system does not have a pump mechanism in the body?  So, how does it do it?  Movement and Breath!  By combining the two, (like in Pilates) it can increase the pump mechanism by 10-15%.  Why is this so important you ask?  You see, your lymphatic system is what clears toxins in the body.  Fighting an infection?  This system is vital to getting you back to a healthy state.  When the Dr. puts his/her fingers on your neck- they are checking the lymph nodes there.  If they are swollen then it can indicate an illness.
  • A Lung Cleanse!
    Since Covid significantly impacts the respiratory system this is particularly critical to keep your lunges healthy!    The combination of deep breaths, rhythmic-pulsating breaths, and “squeeze every atom of air out” breaths are all meant to stimulate the cleansing and flushing of “dead stale air in the bottom of the lungs where disease & illness like to breed.”
  • Strengthens your Focus Muscle
    We live in an ADD world where so much is continuously trying to grab our attention.  I once had a life coach tell me, “you train your mind to focus and you will always be ahead of your competition”.  Well, in Pilates- we train your mind to focus.  Unlike other mind-body forms of movement, Pilates requires you to focus on the details of your movement in order to get the most out of it.  It forces you to connect to the deeper layer of muscles (the ones that support your bones) and this takes concentration!  Like all muscles, you need to flex them to make them stronger.  The same holds true for your brain.  Practice flexing your concentration muscle in Pilates and it will help you in other areas of you work and play.
  • Heals your Injured Areas
    A common phrase used in Pilates is “Movement Heals”.  Mmm, so how is this true if it feels so painful to move?  (Disclaimer:  we coach our clients to move at the level that is appropriate for their body, any injuries, and areas of concern)  When an area is painful it is commonly constricted, tight, lacking mobility, and therefore lacking blood flow and oxygen.  When you move an area you bring in fresh oxygen rich blood and that helps to bring vitality and LIFE back to those dormant areas in the body.  Pilates can TRULY heal a body, an injury, or an under developed area of the body.
  • Spine health
    It is fairly well known that Pilates will improve your posture. But the benefits to the spine go beyond that!  In Pilates, we twist, flex, extend and side bend the spine.  All motions that we should be doing on a regular basis yet in Pilates you do it with control and supported by muscular contraction.

All of these motions of the spine are critical to keeping it healthy and providing us with energy.  As the health of our spine improves, we create more space between each vertebra.  This allows our discs to receive more oxygen and blood flow which in turn will also give us more energy!  Some Pilates exercises that makes us twist are: Saw, Spine twist, and Corkscrew.

In March, it’s a great time to commit to your Pilates Mat practice.  We believe that creating time for your Pilates practice will quiet your inner voice, find your inner strength, and get grounded in the healing benefits.  Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see our daily videos for March Matness!