Anyone can do Pilates!No matter if you’re a mom, a dad, a teen, or a grandparent… you can do Pilates! Pilates is not aimed towards a certain age or gender of people, and it has benefits for everyone!

For the soccer mom on the go, take a class once a week! Not only are you being physically active, but you’re getting that well deserved alone time away from the family. After your lesson, you’ll be refreshed and ready to go. You can even do your favorite exercises at home!

Teens often look at Pilates as an adult like sport to participate in. Well, that’s not the case either! Take a trip to the studio during your off season and work to keep in shape. Build agility, improve your breathing, and strengthen your muscles to prepare for next season.

While most participants tend to be female, Pilates has significant benefits for men too! Men tend to not realize the fact that a Pilates class is hard work, and with hard work comes a great result. Taking Pilates classes as a male will force you to work on the muscles you didn’t realize you had, leading you to become more muscular (which every man wants right?).

When taking the right class, Pilates can be a gentler form of exercise. This is a great point when you’re an older adult looking for a way to be active. Keeping fit and healthy is essential when reaching an older age, and Pilates will do just that while also staying easy on the joints and body in general.

Whether you’re 12 or 82, Pilates is the exercise for you!