As a Power Pilates Training Center we have the luxury of offering you top quality private lessons at an amazing rate.

While our students are going through training we offer discounted sessions to you!
Ever wonder what it takes to become a Pilates Instructor?
#1- One must have a LOVE of Pilates!
#2- Dedication!

Pilates Instructor apprentices are required to complete 600 hours of training.
During this time they are required to take lessons, teach lessons, and observe a senior instructor. In addition to the 600 hours, they have reading, studying and memorization requirements. Throughout their apprenticing time they have to take (6) practical exams, (5) written exams, (2) performance exams and one verbal exam. Phew!

What exactly are they learning?
They are learning the Power Pilates Classical approach to Pilates. These are the exercises that Joe Pilates originally taught.
But they are learning so much more than exercises! Here are other topics they learn:
Anatomy of the body.
How to accommodate a workout to those with herniated discs, osteoporosis, pregnancy, young adults, scoliosis, hip replacements, and many more.
How to communicate effectively and clearly.
Ways to safely progress a workout.
Assessing movement patterns and realigning the body for safe and effective results.
How to make new exercisers feel welcomed.
…the list goes on and on!

In an effort to help our apprentices get “real life” training we offer a (5) pack of privates at discounted rates or $200. Apprentices that are also Physical Therapists have a package of (5) for $275.

Right now we are offering these packages until they complete their training which can take anywhere from 3-6 additional months. (They’ve already been in training for 3-6 months).

So be sure to click through and purchase! Once you do, we will contact you and make a match with one of the apprentices!

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