BYBU Program

Become YOUR Best YOU Program

A 3 month workout and healthy habit challenge!

Perhaps you’re feeling like you still haven’t shed the heaviness of 2020.  Eagerly awaiting when things will be different and we’re  past it all.  Well, I have something here to help you- as it has helped me.

This is how we are going to step into a new chapter and leave 2020 behind.  I will be here with you every step of the way as the rest of The Bodylines Team will be too!  It all is a part of our mission and how we plan to change lives, especially yours!

Bodylines Mission: Everything we do at Bodylines inspires YOU to discover and become the best version of YOURSELF.  We do this by building YOUR inner strength, empowering YOU to enjoy the ebbs and flows of YOUR daily life.

This is not only Bodylines Mission but it is truly the basis of how I try to live day in and day out. I’m always working on finding my balance. Trying to minimize how many days I feel like I’m “ebbing”  and trying to get to that “flow state” more often.

Just like everyone, it’s a continuous process and I’m never perfect!

Over the past few years  I’ve had EXTRA challenges in running Bodylines, (fire and covid) which has forced me to create routines and rituals so I don’t go bonkers.

Recently, I’ve had many conversations with a variety of clients and they have asked what do I do to stay balanced, optimistic and on track with my personal fitness.

Well, this got me thinking…I’ve had to work REALLY hard at this and try lots of things and fail at lots of things to find what really works.

SO…I want to share my secrets with you and what I have outlined as the foundation that keeps me balanced, optimistic, energized and staying on track with my fitness and wellness goals.

So…I’ve created the “Become YOUR Best YOU (BYBU) Program”
This is a 3 Month (enough time to create a habit!) challenge.

These are not just tips but DAILY habits I MUST do in order to feel I’m at my best.

The GOAL:  mark off as many squares as you can!
See the Key below.

Become YOUR Best YOU Transformation

Step #1:    Register for the BYBU Transformation Program.  (Free to Bodylines Clients or sign onto a membership and enroll) SIGN UP HERE

Step #2:  Save your BYBU Transformation Grid (options below)

  • Take a screen shot using your phone and save it there
  • Save the file to your computer
  • Simply print it out! Click Here for PDF version of Grid.

Step #3:  Checking the boxes:

  • Every time you take a Bodylines Class(live stream, recording or “in studio”) check off a Bodylines logo box!
  • Reference the key below for all other boxes.
  • If you saved a screen shot on your phone, you can “markup” right on your phone.

Step #4:  Sign up for the Bodylines Clients Facebook Group and Follow on Instagram.  Tips and strategies will be posted.  

Step #5- Get Ready to feel great and win prizes! 

  • Submit your BYBU Grid at the end of each month and be entered into the drawing if you have certain number of boxes completed:
    • February – 20 boxes
    • March – 40 boxes
  • FINAL SUBMISSION: MAY 7th, 2021!:  Complete ALL BOXES & you win a Bodylines tank top!


Become YOUR Best YOU Transformation


#1 Ritual:  “Bodylines workouts”–  Movement & Fitness are really the cornerstone to a healthy foundation.  It may feel like you are exerting energy but your system is actually giving you energy.  A burst of serotonin and dopamine gives you extra energy, a boost in energy, a sense of calm and an ability to focus.   Movement is probably the most important element.  That’s why, the grid is set up for you to take a minimum of 3 Bodylines Classes/week.  This can be an “in studio” class, live stream class or a class recording.

#2 Ritual: “Inspire”  Motivating others to be a better version of themselves
My whole profession revolves around inspiring others yet it’s still something I strive to be better at every day.  For so many great reasons.  Inspiring others is giving but as you give, you GET so much more in return.  When you can inspire another to be a better person, healthier person then you know you are doing something good in the world.  Don’t we all deserve to have more good in the world and feel good at the same time.  It’s really a win-win!
Inspire a loved one to start moving!  Together we can make the world a more upbeat and positive place if we get people moving and feeling good

  • Inspire someone to come to a Bodylines “buddy event”- On Valentines Day we have the “Share the LOVE Event” where you can have a friend or family member take a class with you this day. Use code:  VDAY_LOVE at check out.  They can’t do Valentines Day?  They can use the code:  VDAY_LOVE2 for another class in February.
  • Give a friend a free week at Bodylines live stream studio. (use code: INSPIRE)
  • Share your story about your Bodylines experience. Click through to complete Bodylines testimonial questions and simply share your story with others.
  • Inspire a friend to start walking.
  • Inspire a family member to participate in one of the healthy rituals listed here.

#3 Ritual: “Healthy Food”
Giving my body healthy food is absolutely critical to feeling good, having energy, staying focused, being resilient to take on the day and exuding positivity…yup!  That’s right.  Food does all that and more! Not only will your mood thank you but your internal system will be overjoyed.  Trust me. You will notice the difference.

  • Eat the rainbow in one day
  • Try a healthy shake with veggies & low sugar fruits (recipe coming soon to FB, IG, and website)
  • Drink ½ your body weight in ounces in water
  • Make some protein balls for a healthy snack (recipe coming soon to FB, IG, and website)
  • Eat cruciferous veggies for lunch AND dinner
  • Try a NEW Healthy dinner recipe
  • List your own “healthy food” you incorporate for a week: ________________

#4 Ritual: “P.M.A. – Positive Mental Attitude”
EVERY DAY.  EVERY, EVERY DAY.  I MUST have P.M.A. time to fuel my mind with the right thoughts for the day.  It makes ALL the difference.  Creating these habits will help you see the glass half full, find opportunities amongst adversity, understand the perspective of others and provide more compassion and therefore becoming a calmer & more joyful person.  Doesn’t that sound nice?
This is all about doing those things that help clear your head and help you to see what matters most in your life.

  • Nature Walk- getting out into nature creates a physiological change in the body, making you feel calmer. Bundle up and go for a walk!  Yes- this may seem like movement but it’s really about using all your senses to take in the beauty that surrounds you.
  • Gratitude Journal- taking time to write down (and feel) gratitude for where you are today, what you have and who you have in you life. Appreciating all you have will lead to greater abundance and more satisfaction today!
  • Spiritual Reflection Time– perhaps it’s listening to a inspiring and insightful podcast from speakers and authors such as: Eckart Tolle, Gabby Bernstein, Rachel Hollis, Mike Dooley or Depak Chopra.  Maybe it’s a daily devotional book or listening to an inspiring pastor like Steve Furdick.  Taking the time to reflect on how the Universe or God or Your Spirit Guides have your back!
  • Journal your feelings- Sometimes it’s hard to talk about emotions but it feels so good to let them go.  By writing them down it helps us to release them from our subconscious mind and then re-focus on the positive stuff that keeps us inspired.
  • Read a Self-Help or Inspirational book: “You Are A Badass” by Jen Sincerno is one of my favorite!  Another good one:  “The Universe Has Your Back” by Gabrielle Bernstein. Share your favorite on the Bodylines Client FB page!

#5 Ritual: “Share”
Sharing your wins and challenges with others helps you to be more successful and more satisfied.
Friends and family want to see you succeed and live a happy life, so let them support you!

  • Share your goal with a friend.
  • Talk about your challenges of integrating new healthy rituals, with a friend or a loved one.
  • Post on Social media a “win” and tag us so we can celebrate your success- this can be as simple as posting a screen shot of the class you just took.
  • Share the win of a friend or family member. Send them a text with kudos or post on SM giving them social recognition.

#6 Ritual:  “Rejuvenate”

  • Sleep rituals– A good nights sleep may be the last listed but is the most critical. It gives you the energy (physically and emotionally) to be able to tackle your day.
  • Try out these sleep rituals prior to bedtime
    • 2-3 hours prior: Stop eating
    • 2 hours prior: Stop doing work
    • 1 hour prior: Stop all electronics (or wear blue blocker glasses)
  • Meditate- for 5 days try to meditate for 10 min. Great apps to try: Insight timer, headspace, calm.
  • Breathe- for a WHOLE week. Every time you are “waiting” (in line, at red light, for family) instead of looking at your phone- breathe deeply.
  • Read a book that feels indulging yet helps you relax.  You deserve it!  I save my fictional books for reading right before bed because it puts happy thoughts in my head while I sleep.