Fitness Education

Workout Alone or With 1 Friend

Would you love a private class or a class with just one friend? Then we have an option for you. We are offering a special in March and April on the following lessons. These can be purchases as a trio of lessons in private or semi private groups. The lessons include: Pilates Arc,  Jump-board, Pilates Chair, Reformer, and Tower. Read all the details here: https://bodylinespilates.com/semi-private-trio-classes/

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Reduce Back Pain, Do Pilates!

Studies show that about 80% of the population will experience back pain problems at some point in their life. Common causes of back pain can include poor posture, inactiveness, and obesity. There’s one thing that can solve all of these problems at once: Pilates! Pilates is one of the few sports that works to improve posture, whilst also keeping the…

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Will Pilates Make You Run Faster?

Will Pilates make you run faster? That’s what Bodylines Clients report! Once they started their Pilates routine at Bodylines, they improved their running time. Pilates works on all the key areas that running does. Therefore conditioning with pilates to improve your running is essential. Pilates is a system of exercises that work collectively to strengthen various parts of the body…

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Pilates vs. Yoga ~ Respectfully different

The words “yoga” and “pilates” are often used synonymously. Granted the exercises are quite similar and are often practiced together, yoga and pilates have many differences which respectively make them their own exercise: the origin, the workout, and the breathing techniques used. Compared to yoga’s origination thousands of years ago, pilates is a relatively new form of exercise originating only…

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