Pilates Rehab

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Pilates Rehab Mat Class

Taught by Certified Pilates Instructor and Physical Therapist assistant Kelley O’Connor.

Traditionally, the Pilates Method of exercise was developed by Joseph Pilates as a method of rehabilitation for injured soldiers. Over the past decade or so, the practice of Pilates as a method of core strengthening has found its way into studios, health clubs and rehabilitation settings.

The Rehab mat class utilizes all the pilates principles and most of the beginner exercises but with modifications for injuries and specific conditions.

The exercises are performed at a slower pace to ensure proper alignment and form, with special emphasis connecting with the deeper stabilizing muscles to ensure neutral spine, lumbo-pelvic, & scapular stability.

The class size is small, and most often props such as balls, rings, thera-band and small hand-weights. Props are used to help clients achieve maximum benefit from the exercises while honoring the safety of their body.

Kelley has been a PTA for 18 years and holds her Comprehensive Certification through Balanced Body University, and the Pilates Method Alliance, the highest industry standard. She has seen patients and clients progress using the Pilates Method of exercise & is a full believer that Pilates can help heal, strengthen, and improve overall health and well-being.

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