If you are part of the Bodylines Pilates community then you know that in February we turn our attention to our feet … and if you aren’t a part of this amazing community then use those fabulous feet and come on over! 

Feet … you know those appendages we have at the base of our bodies that carry us throughout our day … I know, you work your abs, your butt, your arms, but besides Bodylines bringing attention to your feet in February do you work your feet regularly? If you are like most people, then the answer is probably no. 

You know that car that is sitting on your driveway that you expect every morning to start and take you where you need to go, well let’s start thinking of our feet in the same way as our car. Every morning when we place our feet on the ground next to our bed, we have the same expectation … that our feet will carry us where we need to go. However, just like our car, if we don’t give our feet the TLC, the maintenance they need our bodies will be affected as a whole. 

Let’s use February, Bodylines’ fabulous feet month, to get ourselves into a routine of looking after our feet just like we take care of the rest of our body. Check out the short video below on how you can start a simple routine using a rubber band from the broccoli you buy at the grocery store to give those fabulous feet some TLC!



  • Place toe band around big toes over or near to the nail bed
  • Place feet in parallel
  • Flex toes and pull your feet apart keeping your feet parallel. Repeat 5x


  • Place toe band around the big toes over or near the nail bed
  • Place feet in Pilates V
  • Flex toes and pull your feet apart keeping your heels together in a Pilates V. Repeat 5x.


  • Place toe band around big toe over or close to the nail bed
  • Start with feet together in parallel and ankles flexed. Pull feet apart keeping heels together (Pilates V) then point your feet, return to parallel and then flex your ankles returning to start position. Repeat 4-5x then reverse the direction.