What are the new COVID Policies & Procedures?

·       Mask must worn, NO EXCEPTIONS

·       Arrive approx. 15 mins before class & be prepared to wait at a safe distance to enter the studio

·       Pre-register is required due to limited space

·       Bring your own water

·       Sanitize your hands

·       Each station will have a bucket for your belongings

·       This is where you will take off your shoes, change into socks and wait for class to begin

·       SOCKS must be worn, no exceptions.

·       Upon completion of class or private

·       Change back into your shoes

·       Clean ALL equipment that was used – checklists are located at the front of the studio

·       Cleaning supplies will be at each station

·       Wipe down everything allowing the surfaces to remain wet

·       Wipe down the bucket that your belongings were in