Inflammatory Foods & Clean Eating- Bodylines Pilates

Inflammatory Foods & Clean Eating- Bodylines Pilates

In the cases of some individuals, exercising and eating right just isn’t enough to keep the body thin and trim. There are instances where certain foods, often perceived to be full of health benefits, are secretly causing the body to resist weight loss, rather than accept it. This weight loss resistance is often accompanied by physiologic imbalances, especially in the female body. An imbalance, such as slow metabolism, is not something that can be reversed or combated with exercise, but something that can be helped by eating a specific meal plan of anti-inflammatory foods. High inflammatory foods, such as soy, dairy, gluten, sugar, corn, eggs, artificial sweeteners or colorings, are the foods that could be causing your digestive problems, rashes, sleeplessness, irritability, and lastly, weight loss resistance.

At Bodylines, pilates is not the only thing we specialize in. As a company, we are dedicated to helping you create “the best version of yourself,” whether that be through exercise, relaxation and meditation, or clean eating. Now as explained above, some people have a more difficult time than others in regards to losing weight and staying fit, and that’s okay! Here at Bodylines, programs to assist those that need personalized help, or even just basic guidance, are available. Bodylines offers both one on one consultations with nutritionists, as well as a twelve week clean eating program.

One on one consultations are, for the most part, self explanatory. The client will sit down in a room, alongside a consultant, and discuss the best diet options according to the client’s needs. With the combination of having a customized plan and a personal coach, there is no doubt that a one on one meeting will benefit your lifestyle.

The Bodylines clean eating program is a twelve week process in which health coaches lead group classes in hopes of improving the everyday dietary habits of each client. Throughout the twelve weeks, clients will set goals for themselves, make a master meal plan fit to their individual needs. Also throughout this time, things such as sugar, processed food, dairy, gluten, and grains will be taken away and slowly reintroduced in order to test the body’s tolerance to the item.

The clean eating program ends after twelve weeks, but you don’t have to! The last two portions of the program are all about lifelong goals and how it is important to set new goals looking towards the future. Now, this may sound difficult, but with bodylines by your side, anything is possible!