July is Interval Month at Bodylines Pilates

Interval Training at Bodylines Pilates

Interval Training: Workout When You’re Always Working

There is a new outlook on exercise that is becoming more and more popular among people looking for less strenuous, yet effective, forms of losing weight and getting fit. This technique is called Interval Training.

Along with many other excuses, the everyday person uses lack of time as a scapegoat for not working out everyday.  With interval training, that excuse is no longer acceptable.

Interval Training is a technique of exercise that can be applied to any workout routine.  To consider something “interval training,” all you have to do is speed up the more difficult exercises in your workout plan, getting more reps in less time, and add in shorter, less intense, exercises in between to catch your breath while still constantly moving.

Practicing interval training guarantees that muscles will be working at all times.  This is very important because, if you don’t know already, you lose muscle when you don’t use it!  The same boring workout routine can become mundane for your body, and, let’s face it, when we sit at the gym on the weight bench, it’s very easy to get distracted from our workouts.  So, trying out interval training might be the best idea for those exercisers on a busy schedule, looking for quick results.

Not only is interval training great timewise, but it’s also customizable to every fitness level.  Women’s Health magazine explains that the amount of time in between burst of exhausting exercise can be adjusted according to the person.  Some may need a two minute break while others only need thirty seconds.  With interval training, your “work-to–rest ratio,” is completely up to you.