Let It Go & Flow – Yoga & Fascia Release Workshop- Bodylines Pilates

Let It Go & Flow – Yoga & Fascia Release Workshop- Bodylines Pilates

August 4th 7-9pm 

2 hour workshop
Combining fascia release with yoga flow & meditation to relax and recharge for the summer.

1st Hour:
*  Fascia release work
* Learn the importance of fascia health & hydration* Fascia release work is gentle, sustained pressure on the soft tissue (fascia) resulting in releasing & lengthening of the fascia

2nd hour:
* Yoga & Meditation
* flowing asanas with openness and fluidity
* poses to relieve anxiety and stress
* ending with a restorative meditation.

Cost: $30 members, $40 non-members.

What is Fascia? And why is it important to me?

Healthy Fascia = Healthy Body & Mind

On the list of most important body parts, right next to the skeleton, comes a less known, but equally as important structure called, fascia.  Fascia is comparable to the white “pith” of an orange.  Like the white stringy material that holds the slices of an orange together, fascia connects everything in the body together.  On a more scientific note, fascia is a connective tissue that supports organs, blood vessels and nerves, forming a flexible web for muscles and bones.

Fascia can be negatively impacted in several instances – physical or emotional trauma, scarring, or inflammation, and even every day stressful situations will cause fascia to become tight, causing stress on the rest of the body.  Because of the interconnected nature of fascia, consistent poor posture or repetitive movement patterns can cause our body to hold more tension, and be less flexible, which can lead to anxiety and stress, and even injury.

Keeping fascia healthy keeps our mind and body healthy.   Myofascial Release, Kinesthetic Intelligence, Yin Yoga, and Meditation are all tools to keep fascia healthy.  During Myofascial release, pressure is applied to the Myofascial connective tissue in numerous forms including block work, ball work, and rolling.  Kinesthetic Intelligence is a form of training for both the body and the mind, during which our sense of movement, balance and perception is tested in activities focusing on different movement patterns. Holding yoga poses for long periods of time is called Yin Yoga, which can help hydrate and release fascia.  Lastly, Meditation has been proven to help release tension in the stress-filled fascia tissues of your body.