What is March MATness?

Every year in March, the Pilates community comes together to celebrate the original mat exercises created by Joseph Pilates, as published in “Return to Life Through Contrology.”

March MATness was created by classical instructor Benjamin Degenhardt in 2012.  Today it has grown into a global event for pilates instructors, teachers, enthusiasts, and beginners to connect through the original teaching of Joe. This mat work is the foundation of the Pilates work.  It consists of 34 Mat exercises that are to be performed in a specific sequence. Here is how it works: every day there is a specific exercise (or two) that is to be performed. Many will post pictures, videos, descriptions or even art work highlighting that exercise and tagging #marchMATness.

Here are the ways you can participate at Bodylines:

  • Sign up for our March MATness workout challenge! Complete 10 Bodylines Mat classes in the month of March (in person, live stream or recorded) and win a pair of toe sox. Ask in the studio or email us for details: bodylinespilates@yahoo.com
  • Follow us on IG or FB to see the traditional exercises & modifications. Complete the exercise, tag us, tag a friend, and spread the Pilates love!
  • Keep taking classes! We have put several unique classes on the schedule to help you deepen your work in Pilates.  All Bodylines instructors are classically trained in Joe’s original teachings, addition to their specialty education.

Overall, Participating on any level in March MATness brings a sense of community and will help you achieve a deeper knowledge of your personal movement practice.

The Classical Order of exercises as listed in “Return to Life” and used for March MATness is as follows:


March 1: The Hundred (#hundred)
March 2: The Roll Up (#rollup)
March 3: The Roll Over (#rollover)
March 4: One Leg Circle (#onelegcircle)
March 5: Rolling Back (#rollingback)
March 6: One Leg Stretch (#onelegstretch)
March 7: Double Leg Stretch (#doublelegstretch)
March 8: Spine Stretch (#spinestretch)

March 9: Rocker with Open Legs (#rockerwithopenlegs)
March 10: Cork-screw (#corkscrew)
March 11: Saw (#saw)
March 12: Swan Dive (#swandive)
March 13: One Leg Kick (#onelegkick)
March 14: Double Leg Kick (#doublelegkick)
March 15: Neck Pull (#neckpull)
March 16: Scissors (#scissors) and Bicycle (#bicycle)

March 17: Shoulder Bridge (#shoulderbridge)
March 18: Spine Twist (#spinetwist)
March 19: Jack Knife (#jackknife)
March 20: Side Kick (#sidekick)
March 21: Teaser (#teaser)
March 22: Hip Twist (#hiptwist)
March 23: Swimming (#swimming)
March 24: Leg Pull — Front and Back (#legpulls)

March 25: Side Kick Kneeling (#kneelingsidekick)
March 26: Side Bend (#sidebend)
March 27: Boomerang (#boomerang)
March 28: Seal (#seal) and Crab (#crab)
March 29: Rocking (#rocking)
March 30: Control Balance (#controlbalance)
March 31: Push Up (#pushup)