Meet NEW Bodylines Instructor Brenda
Harvard Resident, Art Lover & Plant Based Cook

How did you discover Pilates and what do you love about it?
Living in town I have always known about Bodylines Pilates, but it wasn’t until a promotional sign caught my eye that I decided to give it a try in February of 2020. My goal with joining was to strengthen my core with the focus to reduce chronic pain in my neck and lower back. Right off the bat, the class was invigorating and the instructors were warm and welcoming. From that moment on I was hooked!

What do you love most about teaching?
While I teach, I can help others fulfill their individual goals they hope Pilates will accomplish. I hope to use the art of Pilates to help others strengthen their mind, body and soul. Pilates has helped me to become stronger, more flexible, improve my posture and the chronic pain that I was experiencing when I first joined Bodylines Pilates has now become almost non-existent. I feel better day-to-day and enjoy daily life activities. I love that I can provide others with that same feeling.

Describe the type of client you are uniquely qualified to teach?
I have always been physically active either at my home or at the gym. I have taken a variety of classes over the years including kickboxing, step aerobics, circuit training, dancing, and I have recently started playing pickle ball. Partaking in various forms of physical activity has allowed me to develop a vast knowledge surrounding exercise. Mentioned previously, I have lived with chronic back pain; and, one of my goals going into Pilates was to reduce its prevalence. I am thrilled that this goal has been achieved by practicing Pilates, allowing me to become the best version of myself. Thus, I full heartily believe I am qualified to teach clients who also want to achieve their specific goals. Clients and I will work in tandem to ensure their desired outcomes are achieved.

Tell us a bit about your life story
I was born and raised in Central New York and moved to Massachusetts due to my job relocation. I was a project manager in both the banking and pharmaceutical industries before pursuing my love of art. I ran my own design business, providing custom painting/murals in residential homes and small businesses for many years.

What is life like for you outside the studio?
I believe being physically active and eating nutritiously allows one to achieve equality in mind and body. I also enjoy cooking and baking for my family and friends. To excel my knowledge surrounding nutrition and food science, I have completed two educational programs. Nutrition and Healthy Living, through eCornell allowed me to gain biochemical understanding of how our bodies process food and use it for energy. The second course I took, Forks Over Knives from Rouxbe Online Culinary School, challenged my culinary skills for the better. I learned how to make delicious whole food plant based dishes that my family and friends truly enjoy.

Lastly, My husband and I enjoy taking our two golden doodles on long walks. We have two daughters, one who lives in California and works as an ICU nurse, and one who lives in Boston pursing a DPT.

How would your family describe your personality?
My family would describe me as compassionate, energetic, interested in learning; everyday is an opportunity to learn and/or experience something new. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

If you were stranded on an island, what 3 things would you want with you? and why?
Water to drink until I was rescued, a Swiss Army Knife to prepare food and magnifying glass to start a fire to be able to stay warm and cook.

You’re dream vacation:
Rent a villa in Tuscany with my family and emerge into the culture by meeting people, enjoy the local cuisine, sip wine at the vineyards and explore the countryside. Years ago, we went to Rome and Florence and always wished we had extra time to travel out to the beautiful countryside.

What’s one thing that people don’t know about you?
I teach cooking classes to individuals who are interested in learning about whole food plant based cooking.

Fun fact?
Over the recent years, I have accumulated many different household plants and I enjoy propagating them to share their beauty with family and friends.

When you were little you thought you were going to grow up to be….?
A Veterinarian.