We’re celebrating International Women’s Day by featuring one of our very own badass instructors!

Meet Bodylines Instructor & Physical Therapist, Karen Luchini aka Dog Mom, Badass Fit Chick, Surfer and Super Fun! 

How did you discover Pilates and what do you love about it?
I discovered Pilates when I was in treatment for leukemia back in 2013. Exercise is my way of coping with stress and I wasn’t allowed to do it for several weeks until I was medically stable. When my Dr. approved exercise, she didn’t want me doing any cardio so that is when I started Pilates. I love how Pilates makes me feel leaner and improves my posture. I notice these benefits immediately after taking a class. I also love how having a strong core translates into optimizing movement and balance in daily activities or other sports I participate in. 

What do you love most about teaching?
I love our clients! I put a lot of time into planning my classes and it is so rewarding to hear “that was a great class Karen” or a simple “thank you” as the client leaves…it fills up my tank!

Describe the type of client you are uniquely qualified to teach?
I am a physical therapist as well as instructor, so I am qualified to teach people that are prehabbing for surgery, post rehab maintenance, issues with chronic pain and navigating exercise modifications to accommodate an injury. 

Tell us a bit about your life story
I grew up in Leominster, went to Northeastern University in Boston. Moved around the east coast in my younger years working as a PT. Got married and eventually settled down in Lancaster. 

What is life like for you outside the studio?
I like to throw weights and barbells around and hike in my spare time. I’ll jump at any and every opportunity to go surfing in Costa Rica. I have 2 Boxer dogs and a husband…I love them with all my heart. Recently we bought a camper and I named her “Roxy”. When the weather is nice, we go camping on the weekends and spend a lot of time in Maine. 

How would your family describe your personality?
“Karen has an amazing personality and super fun way about herself”
“She’s always active and works hard to stay fit and healthy”
“She is an incredible mom to two great puppies who wiggle with enthusiasm every moment they get – she wiggles and spreads love right back”
“Although not a professional dancer, when good music is on she can shake and air guitar with the best of them”
Written by Jeremy, Karen’s hubby

Kim: “Super fun, upbeat, optimistic and ALWAYS fun to be around!” oh yeah, and so adventurous. A perfect travel buddy!

If you were stranded on an island, what 3 things would you want with you? and why?
My family (hubs and dogs) for companionship
My camper Roxy for shelter and well….a comfortable bed and toilet!
My surfboard because surfing is FUN!!

You’re dream vacation…(and why)
Surfing and beaching in Costa Rica because the weather is awesome, the food is delicious and it’s a little slice of heaven.

What’s one thing that people don’t know about you?
 I’m terrified of spiders.

Fun fact?
 I love to bake and eat what I bake…..

When you were little you thought you were going to grow up to be….?
A saxophonist in the Boston Symphony Orchestra