Paula’s Testimonial

  • What were you struggling with before you found Bodylines?
     Working in an office for over 35 years my posture was horrible, always hunch overed and tense shoulders. I was getting massages every other week because I was so tight in my neck and shoulders. I was very concerned I was going to get osteoporosis. Also due to my work schedule I was not able to go to the gym or even go on walks, which resulted in weight gain.
  • Why did you decide to choose Bodylines as the Pilates/fitness studio for you?
    I live in Bolton and had driven by Bodylines many times. I recently took an early retirement and did some research between Pilates and Yoga and Pilates hands down was for me. I went on the web site and saw the 2week trial, which was perfect as I had never done Pilates before and am happy to say I am still here after a year!
  • What concerns did you have before your first visit?
    For someone who had never done Pilates before I was very nervous that I was not going to be able to follow the instructors and look foolish, but all of the instructors were very patient and helped me through the classes to ensure I was doing the exercise correctly.
  • What do you enjoy most about Bodylines?
     There are too many to list :). The women that take the classes are just so much fun to be around. I can’t say enough about the instructors – they are knowledgeable about the body, ensuring you are doing the exercise correctly as to not injure yourself and my favorite part is seeing Kim so enthusiastic during her in-depth pilates classes!
  • What do you think distinguishes Bodylines from other fitness places?
    Bodylines cares about their clientele. You do not see that often at other places. It clearly is a great place to work as all of the instructors are still here since I started coming.
  • What changes have you experienced since starting at Bodylines? I have been told by most of the instructors that my posture is so much better that when I started.  From doing Pilates for over a year now, I definitely have more energy, I am at my desired weight, and I feel happy every day!
  • What do you value most as a client of our studio?
    The fun and invigorating atmosphere. The monthly challenges are the best!
  • What would you say to someone who was thinking about trying a class?
    You will love it! There are so many mat classes and equipment classes to choose from and the instructors will work with you to ensure you are doing the exercises correctly. Many of my friends live too far to come to Harvard, but when I tell them about it, they always say – I wish it was closer!