Pilates vs. Yoga ~ Respectfully different

The words “yoga” and “pilates” are often used synonymously. Granted the exercises are quite similar and are often practiced together, yoga and pilates have many differences which respectively make them their own exercise: the origin, the workout, and the breathing techniques used.

Compared to yoga’s origination thousands of years ago, pilates is a relatively new form of exercise originating only about one hundred years ago. Originally, yoga was created as a form of worship and could only be practiced by certain individuals looking to achieve a larger spiritual state. Pilates on the other hand is a much newer practice created by a man named Joseph Pilates during the twentieth century. Joseph Pilates created this self-named exercise, according to Melissa Eisler from Active.com, as a means of strengthening and rehabilitation. The popularity of Pilates sparked when dancers began altering the exercises to help improve their routines.

Both yoga and pilates cause the client to gain strength and flexibility. While pilates mat is more focused on spine mobility and core work in the body, yoga works on overall flexibility and strengthening. A pilates class is generally faster paced than a yoga class, resulting in a slightly larger amount of calories burned after the session. Lastly, Pilates provides the added benefit of working on the different machines therefore creating an overall strength training and mobility workout. Whereas, yoga is always done on the mat with just you and the work.

The teachings of proper breathing techniques are largely important in pilates and yoga classes. The use of breathing during yoga is presumed to bring the client to a spiritual level, inhaling and deeply throughout the nose only. Pilates breathing isn’t so much about being spiritually awoken as it is about concentration. During pilates, the client will be taught to inhale to facilitate spinal elongation and exhale to contract the deep abdominal muscles.

So if you haven’t noticed by now, yoga and pilates are very similar AND very different, and it’s hard for a lot of people to figure out which one is right for them. Well the good news is, Bodylines offers both! So no matter the decision, Bodylines is the place for you.