If you haven’t read our story yet, here it is:
Why are we fundraising for a Boston Park?
When my parents moved to Boston, my dad, Tom Boyden, would look out his condo window and see a park across the street which was abandoned and overgrown, sadly blocked by lock and key, and wondered what could be done. He quickly founds ways to get involved and before he knew it, he became the leader of the non-profit group: “Friends of Childe Hassam Park”. He was known for his advocacy, contacting city officials almost daily to keep the fire burning on the Friends’ request for assistance in renovating and re-opening a vitally needed open green space. For 14 years, he diligently worked to fundraise to support this endeavor.  Read more about the park opening. 
In 2016, my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and unfortunately had to move from his Boston condo and from a community in which he created such deep roots. Even in my father’s final days, he always remembered “his park” that he worked so hard to create.
As his daughter, and business owner, I understand the valuable impact of communities giving back. I’m proud of my father’s legacy, and I am inspired to keep it thriving. This important community resource is only possible through the efforts of the neighborhood non-profit group. Therefore, a fundraiser event: “Pilates in the Park” made sense to me!
In memory of my father, I have teamed up with a fellow business owner, Kachina Fredericks at Pilates Back Bay (PBB) in Boston. A PBB instructor (who was one of my Pilates apprentices several years ago) Megan Ross will be teaching alongside me.
Together, we can make a difference.
I hope you will join me for the event or donate a gift of any size. Every bit helps!