How did you discover Pilates and what do you love about it?
It was about 15 years ago when my twins were 3 years old.
I loved feeling stronger & more connected with my physical body. It was a different kind of strength than any other forms of exercise I had done before.
What do you love most about teaching?
The funny thing is I am super shy & never imagined myself in a teacher role. But I truly love sharing the exercises & benefits of Pilates with others. I love seeing other people get stronger & master their practice.
Describe the type of client you are uniquely qualified to teach?
I really like to focus on alignment & precision. But I also like to keep a light energy when I teach – it should be fun!
Tell us a bit about your life story.
I grew up in Fitchburg and landed here once we bought our first house. I spent most of the last 18 years raising my twins. I also got my 500 hour yoga certification about 10 years ago & taught until recently (pandemic)
I have 2 rescue dogs and 4 cats… yes, crazy cat lady status🤣🤣
I love live music , shopping, and taking long rides around beautiful New England. If I can combine those three, I’m in heaven.
How would your family describe your personality?
Mostly ‘namaste” with a little bit of sassy attitude. 😉
If you were stranded on an island, what 3 things would you want with you?
I’m too much of a princess to be stranded on an island 🤣🤣
You’re dream vacation
This is ever changing but currently it’s Scotland. I really want to visit the country & immerse myself in the culture. Plus, men in kilts ❤️
Fun facts:
Loves: music, animals, sunshine
Favorite food: pizza
Perfect morning: coffee & some quiet time
Fears: so many 😩😩 mostly of failure