Self Care Tips Blog

Are you putting yourself first as a priority for YOUR self care? 

With the summer vibe coming and some extra motivation from the sunshine 🌞… how will you prioritize your health and wellness?

I find with every change of the season (and especially when school ends) I struggle to re-find my balance point. Part of Bodylines mission is to “help you enjoy the ebbs and flow of daily living.” So I put together some tips on how you can incorporate self care into your schedule.   

Tip 1:
🙋🏼‍♀️ Set an intention every day (To be present, to be calm, to eat healthy, to drink plenty of water, to workout) You choose! 

Tip 2:
🍎 Fuel your body with the proper nutrition and hydration: It’s amazing what nutritious meals can do for us physically AND mentally! During a busy and stressful season, be sure to treat your body well. 

Tip 3:
⏰ Remember to make time to schedule your workouts: Just as important as nutrition, working out regularly can be the best self care treat for YOU… it’s also an amazing stress reliever! 

Tip 4:
💨 BREATH! Remember to regularly participate in breath work to slow your mind and calm your body. 

I hope these tips allow you to pencil some “you time” in regularly into your routines, it’s so important! 

I’d love to see you in the studio to help you reach your goals, click here to check out our schedule. 
All the best, Kim 🥰