Bodylines Clean Eating Program

Clean Eating

Clean Eating Program

Our 12 week program takes you through a process of eliminating high inflammatory foods in your diet. Foods that could be causing digestion issues, skin rashes, sleeplessness, irritability, mood swings, and can create weight loss resistance. We focus on real food for real life. Imagine stripping down your diet to bare basics. Then, slowly, and gradually reintroducing items back into your meal plan over a 12-week period. Do you feel more alert? Did you stomach lose the bloating feeling? How was your energy level? Through this program you learn how your body reacts to individual foods and are able to craft an eating style that works best for your individual body & goals. This is not a program that is founded upon selling you supplements or shakes. It’s real food!

Program created by: Integrative Nutritionist, Krissy Berthoud, and Kim Casto, 10 years of personal experience of digestive disorders. We take a science and holistic approach to food.

An anti-inflammatory diet has been touted by Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Sara Gottfried, J.J. Virgin, and Mark Hyman.

Bodylines Health Coaches lead you through 12 weeks of making lifestyle and dietary changes that eliminate toxins in the body, reduce inflammation and restore your body to the vitality, youthfulness, and ideal body weight you are meant to have.

The group class format creates camaraderie, support, & accountability.