Tips for Sticking with your Fitness in the Summer

It’s coming! Before you know it, those school bells are going to be ringing to mark the end of another school year. Families are going to be packing beach bags and suitcases for vacation. And friends are going to be gathering for fun in the sun. It’s a season for letting go and letting loose.

😎And in all that easy livin’, many of us will lose track of our fitness routines.

The change in season and circumstance doesn’t mean you have to lose all the great benefits that your fitness routine brings to your life! It just means you may have to shake up when and how you get in those movement sessions.

Here’s how.👇

🎯Check your schedule: What worked for you over the spring may not jive well over the summer. If you were coming to the studio for an morning session, you may have to switch that up to an evening or weekend class.

🎯Commit on Your Calendar: Find a few days and times that will work for you (and possibly your kids’ camp schedule) to come to a movement class. Identify those slots and block them off in your calendar. There is real power in writing this down as it will help you commit to it.

🎯Cut Yourself Some Slack: Whether you are going on a trip yourself or you have to take care of someone in the family or whatever else…life happens, right? In the summer when schedules are anything but normal, cut yourself some slack. Expect that you are going to miss sessions more frequently than you do at other times of the year. And truly be okay with that.

🎯Don’t forget- Live Stream/Recorded Classes are always an option.

Keep you membership active and simply schedule yourself into the “virtual” class. Want to switch to a virtual membership only for the summer? You can do that too! Contact Tammy and she can give you all the details.

We hope you have lots of summer fun planned but we also hope we get to see you!

See you soon!
The Bodylines Team