All Team Members

Kim Casto

Kim started teaching pilates when her first son was born back in 2001 and has been pursuing her passion ever since.

Kelley O’Connor

Kelley is a Physical Therapist Assistant with over 20 years experience in orthopedics.

Karen Luchini

Karen is a Physical Therapist with nearly 20 years of experience in medical, orthopedic, and neurological rehabilitation.

Louise Helmer

Louise is a Physical Therapist Assistant combining her experience in Physical Therapy with her training in Pilates.

Alice Thompson

Alice is a Physical Therapist with a specialty in Women’s health and pelvic floor. Her PT experience combined with her Pilates training and ability to intuitively sense the energy and movement in the body has changed many clients lives and quality of living.

Krissy Berthoud

Krissy has been working in the fitness industry since 2003. Krissy believes the recipe for happy life is simple nutritious eating, exercise, and mind body movement.

Leah Cullinane

Leah has a passionate commitment to growth in her personal practice and teaching of Pilates, Yoga, Barre, and Zumba. 

Erin Barrett

Born in Portland, Oregon, Erin was a competitive swimmer from an early age, achieving a top ten national ranking, competing at U.S. Nationals, U.S. Olympic Trials, World Championship Trials, and NCAA Div. 1 Championships.

Meghan McCaffrey

Meghan McCaffrey is a certified Power Pilates Instructor and has been with the Bodylines team for 3 years.