When you and I spoke a couple weeks ago, you had asked me if I tend to be picky given my 2+ decades teaching. Yes, to a fault I am picky as my brain constantly evaluates the quality of instruction. Both Karen and Krissy know their stuff inside-out, have exceptional verbal and tactile cueing skills, and have an unwavering ability to teach a “flow” to varying levels. For me this is of utmost importance as I return to Pilates after a year of inactivity due to a medical illness (cancer free now!); I think of myself as a beginner again.
I’m incredibly grateful to all your teachers, and to you, for having a quality Pilates presence in the community.
Highly Recommend..
If anyone is looking for a great place to do pilates, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Bodylines pilates. I have been going there for 4 years now. The staff, Tammy, is wicked friendly and so helpful, instructors are amazing,my routine from week is always changing because the instructors are always learning new things and techniques,my two favorite Karen and Melissa. The owner,Kim is fabulous, so full of energy, drive, experience, and always looking to learn more. There are so many different classes between the Harvard location and Fitchburg location. Checkout their website or even stop in for a discussion to see what is available. You wont regret it!!
– Heather S.
Old enough to be called a senior citizen but “ young “enough to continue to meet the demands of my horticultural Landscape Business that I started in 1982, ballroom dance at a gold level as a hobby and play regularly with my young grandchildren. I attribute this to good fortune AND much credit needs to be given to Bodylines Pilates.
I have taken classes since 2013 and felt welcome and challenged since Day One. Despite playing a lot of sports in school, I had never been involved in an exercise program. I felt immediately supported by the staff and recognized that they set the bar high. Kelly was my first instructor. How lucky was I !Currently Krissy Berthoud is my private nutrition advisor following my participation in the Detox Program. I am eating nutritious and delicious food whilst losing weight.( I am not feeling hungry either)Krissy did a very thorough evaluation of my specific dietary history and needs. I had been admiring her pursuit of an advanced degree in Nutritional Medicine , as discussed after Yoga, and Reformer classes that she taught me so I snapped up this opportunity when I heard it was available because of my confidence in her expertise.I am currently also getting a terrific cardio workout in Leah’s joyful Zumba class. I realized the other day that many of the instructors are my children’s age. I have never for one second sensed any discrimination on the grounds of age. A prevalent ethic exists throughout this healthy organization that commitment yields results no matter what your starting point. I am in awe of Kim Casto for assembling such a talented group of instructors. I am totally grateful to them all.
– Isabel W.

12 Days of Fitness Challenge
I began on December 7th and finished on December 20th.  I had fun and lots of laughs trying to do “rolling like a ball”.  Overall I see improvement from the first day.  Thanks for the Challenge.
– MaryLou 
This was a great idea and now I’m in a routine every morning doing these exercises.  Thank you and Merry Christmas.
– Lana 
Thank you for offering this challenge.  There were days when I didn’t want to exercise, but the enticement of 2 free classes kept me going  I plan to keep with it through the coming months.  I love Bodylines and Kelley is a fab instructor.
– Dixie
Thanks to all at Bodylines for another fun year of fitness.
– Cheryl
Did it!
– Karen
Thanks for the motivation – it was fun!
– Sarah

Pelvic Floor Workshop

“Imagine the dilemma. A race to run. A triathlon to finish. A hike to hike. Up the mountain, and down. Do I hydrate appropriately? And worry about…. Having to sneeze? Cough? Just run my best?

After some belly laughs and real focus with Kelly O’Connor about how my “weakish” pelvic floor was getting in the way of what I love to do every day, I signed up for the pelvic floor workshop at Bodylines Pilates.

I was taught how to effectively build strength under and in my pelvic floor muscles and was shown exercise I can use daily to maintain these.

So long as I remember to use the tools and the exercises I learned at Bodylines pelvic floor workshop, I won’t need to choose between hydrating well and running hard.”

Kim A.

Feeling longer and leaner

Forty-three year-old Sarah Rosenfield’s career as a professional figure skating instructor kept her busy, fit and active—until she took on a directorship position, which took her out of the rink and behind a computer.

Now attending 4-5 classes a week for the past year, Sarah has found that since she joined Bodylines, her body feels longer and leaner, and her clothes feel comfortable again.

For Sarah, the most inspiring part of Bodylines Pilates is the upper body workout using TRX. “The TRX requires you to really dig deep and stabilize yourself using your core, while also targeting specific muscle groups,” she says.

What’s the biggest benefit she’s discovered since joining Bodylines Pilates? Sarah says, “My biggest success is the confidence that comes from being comfortable with my body.”

The diversity of classes also presents new and exciting challenges for Sarah. “The biggest Aha! moment I’ve had was during a Barre class,” she shares. When she learned through instructor feedback that she was relying more on flexibility than strength during the arabesque exercises, she was able to correct her form and gain strength and stability moving forward.

“I really appreciate how the instructors at Bodylines take the time to fix their clients’ positions and give them feedback. The atmosphere in the studio is always uplifting, and the staff—as well as the other clients—is all very supportive. I look forward to the classes and always leave feeling great!” Sarah


I have a lot more tone & definition!

In spring of 2013, Erin Barrett, 47, received a direct mail piece from Bodylines Pilates regarding its new Harvard location, and decided to check it out. The convenient location drew Erin in, but she says it’s the quality of instructors, fantastic mix of clients, and her great physical results that have kept her coming to 3-5 classes each week since.

“I’ve really noticed a lot more tone and definition, something I’d lost over the years,” says Erin. Yet what excites Erin the most is her improved balance of strength equally throughout her body. “My left side has always been much weaker, in part due to an old knee injury, and, consequently, I have tended to be very crooked in my posture, gait, and balance” she explains. “As a competitive horsewoman, I am acutely aware of any imbalance in my body and it’s something I’ve struggled with for a long time. By improving my own balance, I’ve been able to make great improvement in my horse’s balance. As a rider, it doesn’t get much better than that!”

Erin attends TRX and Barre, Mat classes, (Barre being the most challenging for her). “It’s the small, very targeted repetitive movements that create that feeling of ‘burn’…you know the one that makes feel like you’re either going to pass out or throw up!” she says.

Erin calls her strength and balance growth a remarkable progression in the almost two years she’s been at Bodylines, which she can sense every time she rides. “I have no doubt this wouldn’t have happened without the training I’ve received at Bodylines.”

When sharing her tales of Bodylines Pilates, Erin says there are too many good moments to narrow down to just a few. “I’ve had a lot of fun getting to know the instructors and the other clients, and we’ve shared quite a few laughs. Any day that you can laugh is a good day and I’ve had a lot of good days at Bodylines!” — Erin B.


“I weigh less now than when I got married 22 years ago!”

“November may have been gratitude month at Bodylines but I am grateful for Bodylines every month of the year! Attending a Bodylines class is, without question, one of the best things I do every day. I always feel like I’ve done something really good for my body and my good health – physical, as well as mental. I am stronger, leaner, healthier and happier now than I have ever been. I can do my age in push-ups (52 now) – not the modified version either, the full plank, military style.

When I was in my 20’s, I lifted weights regularly but still couldn’t do even a single push up! I weigh less now than when I got married 22 years ago and I can finally fit back into that form-fitting wedding dress. My husband and I are avid sailors and are part of a team that races weekly during the summer. One of the best compliments I’ve ever received is from the fellow crew saying “wow, you’re really strong.”

However, the most important thing to me is I’m doing the right things for the long-term– eating clean and building strength, fitness and agility. Physical fitness, strength, good nutrition and well-being will enable me to fulfill my dreams of a very active lifestyle – sailing, golfing and traveling the world with my husband for many, many years to come.   Those things are far more important to me than fitting back into a wedding dress! Not only have I gained strength and lost weight, I’ve learned healthful habits that not only can I keep but I want to keep.

The dedication, commitment, inspiration and support I find in my Bodylines instructors has surpassed any possible expectation I had when I joined almost 3 years ago. I only wish I found Bodylines sooner. Bodylines has helped me transform my mind, body and spirit and for this I will be forever grateful.   THANK YOU Bodylines Team . . . you are team of truly amazing, strong, inspirational women!  — Cheryl


“The end of my sciatica pain”

Kathy Hyatt is a veteran at Bodylines Pilates. The 46 year old Lunenburg resident has been a member since 2007, after her physical therapist recommended Pilates as a way to strengthen her body and help alleviate the sciatica pain she was experiencing due to child bearing and rearing.

“The physical therapist recommended I try Pilates at Bodylines to help keep my back healthy and prevent the sciatica from returning,” she explains. Starting out with a 4 week rehab mat class, Hyatt felt stronger with each class she completed, saying she could sense the difference in her back mobility immediately.

Hyatt says the benefits of Bodylines Pilates to her overall wellbeing are abundant. From the end of her sciatica pain, to the flattest stomach she’s ever had, to the increased strength in her upper body and shoulders. Once plagued by monthly migraine headaches, Hyatt says the frequency of her headaches is now down to barely once a year. Plus, going through the Clean Eating program at Bodylines enabled her to lose weight and better manage her healthy eating for both her and her family. On top of all this, Hyatt says has received the help and support she needed to train and run two half marathons.

When asked what her favorite Bodylines Pilates moment would be, Hyatt offers up two. “In the Advanced Reformer Classical Flow with Maureen we once got all the way through the whole “list” of Pilates moves in one class! Plus, I Iove, love, love taking classes with Kim Casto. She has amazing energy, humor and Pilates discipline all wrapped up in one class with one instructor!” — Kathy H.

I have lost over 10 pounds!

41 year old Michele Granger discovered Bodylines Pilates just over a year ago. “I had been working out at another gym for years and was looking for something new and different,” she explains. When the Harvard studio offered a free week of classes during their grand opening, Granger thought she’d give it a try – and she’s been hooked ever since.  “I loved the variety of classes and the instructors and joined right away.”

Currently taking 4-6 classes a week, Michele has seen a definite change in her body thanks to Bodylines Pilates. “I have lost over 10 pounds and dropped two clothing sizes through the Clean Eating program,” she proudly admits. Plus, she’s kept the weight off and toned her body with continued classes. “The clean eating program changed how I eat and the classes have changed my body, and both have definitely been for the better.”

When asked what keeps her coming back to Bodylines, Granger explains it’s the 360º approach that keeps her hooked – from the wonderful instructors to her fellow members. “Everyone is very friendly and supportive.  I can’t think of any time when I haven’t laughed or had fun in a Bodylines class.  It is especially fun when we can end class by celebrating a client’s birthday.” (Bodylines celebrates birthdays with mimosa toasts!) — Michele


Why I love Bodylines Pilates

My first class at Bodylines was during “bring a friend” week a year and a half ago. My friend Melissa had been a client, and she thought I might like it. Kylee was teaching the class, and for days after, I felt that wonderful pain one feels after a great workout. So, I decided to sign up for the fall session, and I’ve been a regular client ever since—now taking two classes a week (and I would take more if I had the time!).

Before I started with Bodylines, I had chronic lower back pain. I had tried other types of exercises, but due to a knee injury, there were a lot of things that I just couldn’t do. Since I’ve been taking Pilates, my back has felt great. The only time I now experience lower back pain is if I miss a class! I can really feel the affect not only of taking a class, but also of missing one.

Pilates provides the means to improve strength, balance, muscle tone, and, I believe, mental well being. I take regular classes with Kylee and Kelley, and have also taken classes with Kim and Maureen. I have always had wonderful experiences with all of the instructors. I never feel like they push me farther than I can go, but I do feel like they push me to be the best I can be. They are quick to make modifications for me if a certain move causes any discomfort to my back, and they are equally conscious of all of their clients’ individual needs. Classes are kept small enough that you truly get individual attention. At Bodylines, you aren’t just a number.

Since taking Pilates, I am stronger, my posture is better, my balance is better, and I feel great. I look forward to coming to every class, and I leave feeling even better than when I arrived. It may sound corny or trite, but making the decision to take Pilates at Bodylines is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. — Heather Porter

Me Time!

“It’s the one hour in which it’s impossible to concentrate on anything else except… ME!!!” — Jen G.

Real Win is Self-Confidence

“When I turned 45, I made the decision to join a Pilates class. I was the heaviest I had ever been, and just didn’t feel like I wanted to. I have never been what you would consider ‘athletic,’ so I wasn’t sure I’d be able to execute, but I decided to give it a try. The ‘reverse plank’ photo inspired me. I also knew Jennifer Aniston does Pilates… who doesn’t want to look like Jennifer? I would say I am a slow study, but I can say that after 6 months, I am back down to a size I am happy about, I have much better posture, but the real win is with self-confidence. Mastering the Pilates movements has made me realize I can do more than I thought I could…and that translates to all areas of my life.” — Bonnie

Flatter Tummy!

“My lower back feels great from my mat and reformer. My new flatter tummy is a bonus!”— Kathy


Bodylines classes are never dull!

“I feel much stronger, definitely more toned and tighter in all the right places.

Bodylines classes are unique and never dull. The support of the Bodylines staff is a large reason for my personal success at getting back in shape. The instructors are amazing. So knowledgeable, helpful, and willing to adapt to every client’s needs,” — Alex

A Safe Place to Work on Myself

“Yesterday’s reformer class was great. The professional expertise and personal attention to detail encourages me to work safely to my potential. I feel stronger after each class. I am so fortunate to have found a safe place to work on strengthening my body and mind. Thank you.” — Joanne