3 Routines to Spice Up Warm Weather Workouts

The air is getting warmer and the days are getting longer!! Summer is right around the corner. 🎉

There is something about these sunny seasons 🌞that makes us want to spice things up. It’s a social time of year, where warm weather and long days invite us to get outside and be together. 👭

Backyard barbeques and happy hours are always a fine way to be with friends. But there are other ways to liven up your routine, get social, and stay in line with your fitness and well-being goals at the same time. Here are a few:

🔆Sweaty Saturdays: Weekends are prime time to schedule a Boozy Brunch. But what if you grabbed your girls and sweat it up together, instead? Check out our schedule and snag a spot for you and yours to hit the studio together. And hey, no judgment here if you want to go ahead and have that brunch afterwards. 😉

🔆Hike and Bike: Getting out onto a hiking or biking trail gets you fresh air, a new perspective, and a different kind of movement than your normal workout. Pick a partner to join you and enjoy time together and in nature! Check out this 1 mile hike at Wachusett Mountain!

The All Trails app has plenty of hikes to choose from. So check it out.

🔆Splish Splash: Naturally this is the time of year when we can seek out water activities. Take advantage of these natural opportunities to mix fitness with fun. Meet your friends at the pool and swim! OR… Grab a buddy and hit the lake regularly for kayaking, SUP boarding, or canoeing. A great local option: Mirror Lake on Devens rents kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards? 👭

Did you know that getting outside actually helps your brain function!!

🧠The researchers found that time spent outdoors is associated with more gray matter in parts of the prefrontal cortex that oversee cognitive control. Read more here…

Longer days, warm temperatures, and sunshine pull us together this time of year. Make great use of your time with friends by intentionally incorporating movement into your routine.

🙋🏻‍♀️🥰Don’t forget your core workout to keep you doing all these great outdoorsy activities!